At Microgenix, we had our modest beginnings in 2000. Today, within a short timespan of 11 years, we have been able to establish ourselves as a Premium Quality manufacturer providing end to end solutions to the textile and garment industry. The transformation from a small manufacturing facility to a truly world class supplier to world famous brands like GAP, Levis, Tommy Hilfiger and likes is attributable to our thorough understanding of the chemical-to-fabric interaction alongwith our in-depth understanding of the user requirements.

At Microgenix we have today with us the most discerning international garment manufacturers, buyers and the most reputed Garment brands endorsing with confidence the performance of our products and dedicated services.We have export presence in Bamgladesh, South Africa, Sri Lanka and South East Asia.We are further expanding with our highly responsive sales, administration and support operations, Microgenix ensures prompt, efficient customer service. The management team at Microgenix comprises of well qualified professionals having rich and diverse technical, business and professional experience and a respectable Advisory Board.

Specialties : 32 key products approved under Global Organic Textile Standards ( GOTS ), Affiliated to CHEMEXCIL, GCCI, GDMA, AEPC, Complete Application based research, Continuously bringing new products in Garment processing.

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