Microgenix Maxiclean XPZ possesses strong dispersing properties and excellent ability to be applied in wide of pH, makes it suitable scouring, mercerizing, bleaching, washing off etc. Microgenix Maxiclean XPZ can be used simultaneously with various chemicals such as wetting & soaping agents, enzymes, neutralizers etc.

Microgenix Maxiclean XPZ also enhances the efficiency of washing off agents and can be added to improve the cleaning efficiency of any detergent that is used simultaneously.

Product Highlights Typical Characteristics
Highly versatile laundry additive Appearance : Viscous Liquid
Helps in eliminating back-staining Ionic nature : Nonionic/Anionic Combination
Powerful dispersing properties Odor : Nil
Excellent washing off property pH (1% Solution in DM) : 5 + 2
Enhances contrast on denims Solubility : Easily soluble in water
Stable with chlorine bleach Resistance to high temp : Excellent
Stable in wide pH range Compatibility with Enzymes : Good
Good peroxide stability
Enhances Brilliance Application Procedure
Low Foaming can be added between 0.1 1% w.o.f. or 0.1 1g/l
Eco friendly parameters can be adjusted according to the type of application